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The U.S. Corporate Tax Rate

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Is the U.S. Corporate Tax Rate the Highest in the World?

There is a popular belief that the current corporate tax rate in the country is very high, and a reduction of the prevailing rate will stimulate investments which will have a wide range of positive effects on the economy. Those who support this theory are referring to the current rate which stands at 39.1% (the highest in the industrialized world). According to proponents, this income tax rate is putting U.S. corporations at a competitive disadvantage. But is there more to the story?

Income Tax rates by Country based on OECD 2005...

Income Tax rates by Country based on

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Tax Changes For The Wealthy

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2013 and 2014 taxes may be different for the wealthy due to several new tax implementations. The top tax rate may be steeper, and the actual percentage may depend upon what is included. People may be surprised by the changes, and this may be the ideal time to let TurboTax 2013 guide you through efficient tax preparation.

Income inequality continues to be a major political issue, and things like extending jobless benefits, raising the minimum wage, and imposing changes that affect the top tax rate are central to addressing this issue. Some of the newer taxes include changes to … Read more at 2008 Taxes.

Capital Gains and What to Report to the IRS

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Capital Gains and What to Report to the IRS

Capital Gains and Losses are the result of holding capital assets for investment or for personal use. Capital Assets held for investment result in a capital gain or loss when sold compared to their basis, or what you purchase the asset for. Capital Assets held for personal use can only create a capital gain. All capital gains must be reported to the IRS.

Long term capital gains are better as their tax rate is generally lower than short term capital gains. The classification of a capital gain or loss is determined … Read more at 2008 Taxes.