Four Errors Made Often on Tax Returns

Four Errors Made Often on Tax Returns

Make sure you avoid these errors on your return to have your return accepted quickly and your refund sent to you as soon as possible.

1. Recovery Rebate Credit: If you did not receive the Recovery Rebate Credit in 2008 or did not receive the maximum amount that you could claim, you can claim the the credit now. But make sure it is done correctly. If you exceed the total amount allowed for the credit, your return will be delayed.

2. Incorrect and Missing SSN: Entering all Social Security Numbers exactly as they appear on SSN cards is very important. Any difference in the numbers will delay the processing of your return.

3. Incorrect Dependent Names: If a dependent’s last name is not the same as shown on a SSN card this can delay a return while the name is corrected.

4. Filing Status: Based on your situation, select the correct filing status to avoid your return being reviewed.