TaxAct is the Completely Free Federal Option

TaxAct is the Completely Free Federal Option

Tax Act

If you are looking for the best and completely free option for filling your federal tax return this season, TaxAct is the solution for you. You can prepare, print, and eFile your return for no fee what-so-ever and only pay a small $13.95 free if your state requires an income tax return.

Deluxe and Ultimate

There are two additional versions available of the TaxAct online tax preparation software which you might need in special situations. The Deluxe version offers parents of soon to be college students the option of completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with ease along with their return. And the Ultimate which includes everything you need for both your federal return and your state return for a low price of $16.95.

Your return is secure and your information is private with TaxAct. START YOUR RETURN TODAY!