TurboTax – A Free step by step Tax Program

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TurboTax – A Free step by step Tax Program

Preparing for tax season can be a challenging time for many people in the United States. The US tax code is extremely lengthy filled and with tons of small print. Since this is such an involved process many people today decide to have their taxes prepared by professionals. However, thanks to tax software programs like TurboTax they don’t have to spend extra money to have their taxes prepared correctly.

Using TurboTax’s software makes it easy for anyone to prepare their taxes themselves. This software will walk you step by step through the tax process. This unique process ensures the user that they are getting all the tax benefits they qualify for. It also ensures that the taxes they prepare are true and accurate when they are filed.

By preparing their taxes themselves using TurboTax people also save money since they aren’t paying someone else to do their taxes for them. It also gives them the convenience of being able to do their taxes at home. This can be a great time saver for a busy family. They don’t have to take time out of their busy schedule to visit a tax preparer giving them more time to focus on other needs their family may have.

Another advantage that TurboTax offers is their online tax service. Users can go to https://turbotax.intuit.com/ and register on the site for free. Again they offer a step by step process for filing out the tax forms. After answering a few questions the site will automatically determine which form is best for their particular tax needs. As each step is completed the user is asked to double check the information to make sure it’s correct, then the information is saved and they will be moved to the next step. Once everything is filled out TurboTax will calculate any refunds or payments for the user. Finally, the taxes can be filed with the IRS automatically through their site.

Anyone that uses any of the services offered by TurboTax will be impressed with the accuracy and ease of use they offer. Their services help people to save time and money as well as give them peace of mind that their taxes are being filed correctly the first time.

Use your Home Office as a Tax Deduction

Use your Home Office as a Tax Deduction in 2009

There are certain requirements but if you work from home and have an office in the home, you can deduct the space along with your other business expenses on your 2008 tax filing. There are types of use needed to be able to take this very helpful business deduction. First, you use the space exclusively and regularly for your business. Or two, you use the space as storage for business inventory on a regular basis.

Deduction Computation and Reporting

The deduction is a percentage of your overall home expenses based on the square footage of the office divided by the total square footage of your home. If you operate your business with a loss than your expenses will be limited. To report the tax deduction complete form 8829 and transfer the deduction to your Schedule C line 30.

File an Extension in Minutes

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File an Extension in Minutes

In just 5 minutes you can get a 6 month extension beyond the normal April 15, 2009 deadline this year. Everyone is eligible and you will receive an email notification after the IRS has approved your extension. These are the great services offered by FileLater LC.

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Benefits of FileLater LC

There are great reasons to you FileLater LC that you should consider if you want extra time to make sure your return is completed accurately and to your greatest advantage. The company’s online service is easy to understand and the process takes just minutes. The online application is secure with McAfee so you know your information will not be compromised. And their support team is there to assist you if you have questions.

Payment System for Owed Taxes

Filing an extension does not allow you to avoid paying any tax owed to the IRS prior to the due date, it only allows you the extra time you need to complete the return and file it with the government. Therefore, FileLater LC has an online payment system in place so you can make a payment when you file your extension if you feel that you will owe taxes when you compete your return.


Top Five IRS Tax Tips

Top Five IRS Tax Tips for January 2009

The IRS has released their top 10 tax tips for January 2009 and we are presenting the first 5 tips here for you. Make sure to check back with us for more tax tips and great tax services available online for your 2008 tax return.

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English: United States Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division Badge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  1. Check you return one more time. When you are ready to file your return online, make sure all the social security numbers are correct and all calculations are accurate.

  2. Consider e-Filing. When you file your return online the time it takes to get your refund is twice as fast according to the IRS versus when you file a paper return.

  3. Direct Deposit is even faster. When the IRS is able to deposit your return directly into your account, you’ll receive it quicker than if you wait for a check in the mail from the federal government.

  4. Take a look at IRS.gov. The government site has all kinds of good stuff including tips, forms, frequently asked questions, and new tax laws that change during the tax filing season.

  5. The IRS also answers questions. If you have a pressing question that you cannot find the answer to online, the IRS has a customer service line that you can call with all your tax questions. It is 1-800-829-1040.

TaxBrain Offers Free Tax Advice

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TaxBrain Offers Free Tax Advice

If you didn’t get the advice and assistance you needed last year from your online tax preparation provider, TaxBrain is the online tax preparer that you need to use this year. With five different forms of online help and support, you’ll get the answers you need to all your tax questions.

Support Options

TaxBrain offers Live Chat, Telephone Support, eMail Support, Secure WebMail, a Knowledge Base, and a FAQ option. Chat live with their support team when you are preparing your return or preparing your tax information, whenever you have a question. Their telephone support is available every business day during normal business hours. eMail Support is available if you would like ask a question quickly and get a response in a timely manner. Or use their Secure WebMail service when you need to communicate personal sensitive information.

Tax Preparation

TaxBrain will automatically determine which forms you need to complete and which 1040 option is most appropriate for you. File your federal tax return, get a fast refund, e-File for free, and get all the advice you need. They will review your return transfer your taxes from prior years, and guarantee the security of your information.TaxBrain is the premier online tax preparation service that you’ll use every year after your use them once.


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