File an Extension in Minutes

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File an Extension in Minutes

In just 5 minutes you can get a 6 month extension beyond the normal April 15, 2009 deadline this year. Everyone is eligible and you will receive an email notification after the IRS has approved your extension. These are the great services offered by FileLater LC.

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Benefits of FileLater LC

There are great reasons to you FileLater LC that you should consider if you want extra time to make sure your return is completed accurately and to your greatest advantage. The company’s online service is easy to understand and the process takes just minutes. The online application is secure with McAfee so you know your information will not be compromised. And their support team is there to assist you if you have questions.

Payment System for Owed Taxes

Filing an extension does not allow you to avoid paying any tax owed to the IRS prior to the due date, it only allows you the extra time you need to complete the return and file it with the government. Therefore, FileLater LC has an online payment system in place so you can make a payment when you file your extension if you feel that you will owe taxes when you compete your return.


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