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3 Important Tax Changes

3 Important Tax Changes for 2008

Three tax law changes that you should consider before filing your federal tax return for the 2008 tax season. Some tax breaks have been renewed, the standard deduction has been increased, contribution limits have risen for many retirement participants.

1. Tax Breaks Renewed

You can still take a tax break for the state and local taxes that you paid during the tax year on your federal return. If you are an educator, you can take a deduction of supplies you purchased on the front page of form 1040. And students can still take deductionsRead more at 2008 Taxes.

TaxSimple – Online Tax Preparation Software

Tax Act

TaxSimple – Online Tax Preparation Software

Prepare your federal tax return for free and only pay a small $9.99 fee if you print of eFile your return. Why not try it before you purchase? And all versions of the software are currently priced at the low $9.99 price including Simple, Deluxe, Premier, and Ultimate. Only pay more if you have a complex business return.

Simple Edition

With the Simple edition from TaxSimple, you can prepare not only your federal tax return but also your state tax return for free. Fees only apply when printing or eFiling your returns. Your … Read more at 2008 Taxes.

Income Tax Credits You Might Qualify For

Income Tax Credits You Might Qualify For

A number of tax credits which reduce your tax bill dollar for dollar that you might not have known about or might not have qualified for before are now worth taking a look at.

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Recovery Rebate Credit

If the rebate checks that were sent out last tax season didn’t find their way to you because you made too much on your 2007 1040 tax return, you have a second opportunity to receive the credit for the 2008 tax season. Therefore, if you income has decreased for any … Read more at 2008 Taxes.

TaxAct Online Standard

TaxAct Online 2013 Standard

Tax Act

If you are looking to prepare, print, and file your tax return electronically this tax season all for free, TaxAct Online 2013 is the software you will want to use for both a complex and a simple return. And TaxAct will guarantee that your refund is the maximum refund allowed.

Supports All 1040 Tax Forms

Weather you are looking to file the 1040EZ, the 1040A, or the full length 1040 tax return, TaxAct Online supports all three forms and allows you to electronically file (eFile) each form for maximum speed and efficiency. With TaxAct Online you … Read more at 2008 Taxes.