You Bought a House, Claim the First-Time Homebuyers Credit

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You Bought a House, Claim the First-Time Homebuyers Credit

There are a number of documentation requirements when you go to file your return for 2009 and you want to claim the First-Time Homebuyers Credit. This great credit of $8,000 helps with fixing up the new house or paying off some moving expenses. But claiming the credit requires a number of documents and filing a paper return with the IRS.

The first statement you will need to attach to your 1040 paper tax return is a HUD-1 Settlement Statement. You will get a copy of this form when you close on your new house. Make a copy of the legal sized page for your credit. Make sure that signatures are included on the Settlement Statement. If your settlement statement does not have your signature, sign the bottom of the form before you mail it in.

If you purchased a mobile home instead of a traditional home, you did not receive a Settlement Statement. Attach a Retail Sales Contract with your tax return to get the credit. And some new homes also do not close with a Settlement Statement. In this instance a Certificate of Occupancy is needed.

The other group able to claim a home buying credit are long-term purchasers. When you have lived in a house for over 5 years and purchase a new home prior to April 30th, you can claim a $6,500 credit. To claim this credit, the IRS wants you to attach five years of 1098 Mortgage Interest Statements to prove your long-term ownership.

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