QuickTax For Canadian Tax Returns


QuickTax For Canadian Tax Returns

With QuickTax from Intuit Canada, the #1 best selling tax software in Canada, you can get the biggest refund possible and that is guaranteed. Their software is government certified tax software (CRA) and with their free online tax filing you can get your return in as little as 8 days. There is free technical support for your return 7 days a week and their online security is equal to the same security as major banks use for online transactions.

Online or On Your Computer

With QuickTax you have two options QuickTax Online and QuickTax CDs and Downloads. With their online version you can prepare and file your return online with your web browser, keep your information private, and pay one fee only for each return you prepare. With their downloaded software and mail order CDs you can prepare your return on your personal computer, file your return online, and file up to 8 returns with one order. Perfect for individuals or families.


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